The President Founder, Board of Directors, Executive director, Management, Staff, (Academic and Non Academic), students, pupils.  It is with great joy that we welcome you to Nosakhare Model Education Centre an institution of Academic excellence with godliness.  Education is universally recognized as one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development.  This is what we stand for in Nosakhare Model Education Centre (NOMEC).  We believe in the education of the total man hence, the slogan “teaching them to observe all things”.

  • Inculcating permanent, literacy and numeracy ability to communicate effectively.
  • Building a good foundation for scientific and reflective thinking citizenship education and ability to participate and contribute effectively to the development of the society.
  • Giving the child the opportunity to develop manipulation skills


  • Providing higher quality education for primary school leavers at junior and senior secondary levels
  • Providing basic tools for further educational development within and outside Nigeria.
  • Inculcating in the pupils and students moral behaviour to enable them appreciate the goodness and greatness of God.
  • Providing opportunity for the child to interact with children from other countries and from different social levels.

No child is written off Academically we believe that every child has potentials that can be enhanced. Our management and teaching personnel constantly ensure that academic excellence is achieved and our educational facilities and teaching methodology are functional and thorough in line with the educational curriculum and policies for education in our great country Nigeria. You are welcome to Nosakhare Model Education Centre, a place your child ought to be, a place where he/she shall be catapulted to the zenith of intellectual excellence.

NOMEC 20TH Anniversary

Recently @ NOMEC


Educational Field Trip (Abuja, Nigeria)

This trip has ensured the exposure of our school children to how Government is run; exposing them also activities in other States and their languages.

Trip to the House of Assembly

Our trip to the House of Assembly Abuja has exposed our school children on issues bothering: How bills are passed to become binding laws What makes a bid become a binding law The processes involved in the agreement of the Read More …

NOMEC Funfair

Our Funfair for our Junior Secondary School Section involved our students in certain extra-curricular activities in a more open environment than the classroom. This also involved the teaching and learning of French as a language

PAPA’s Award

This event was all about appreciating the Proprietor for his works generally especially as regards educational development, child development and good standards of living.


This event featured activities fostering unity and oneness throughout via the celebration of love between members of Staff and school children.

Xmas Celebration and Funfair

This events featured the celebration of our school children. We appreciate the fact that every child is essential and is important to the society. We celebrate them and make them feel loved in every way we can on this day Read More …


Our thanksgiving day is a day we appreciate God for His wonderful works in our lives, we also thank Him for His preservation and keeping students, parents and NOMEC staff in good condition of health. God has been truly awesome! Read More …