Many schools out there today that provide a plethora of extracurricular activities and NOMEC is no exception. Some occur before school hours, some after school hours, and a few may even take place on the weekends. While some parents are a bit dubious about their children participating in extracurricular activities, these activities actually bring with them many benefits. Allowing your child to get involved in extracurricular activities at school is a wise choice, and it can be very important in helping them to develop many working skills, people skills, and more. Our program of extracurricular events is so designed to suit the development of your child.

Some of the benefits of exposing your child to our extracurricular activities or events include:

  • Learning Time Management and Prioritizing
  • Getting Involved in Diverse Interests
  • Learning About Long Term Commitments
  • Making a Contribution
  • Raises Self Esteem
  • Building Solid Relationship Skills
  • Looking Great on College Applications amongst others.

Our events at NOMEC include:



Students and Pupils are periodically engaged in study trips, field trips, practicals in different subjects which exposes them to practical experiences and other modern techniques which positions them to learning in a more relaxed environment, reducing theoretical works.  This learning procedures of practical experience leaves a lasting impression on the students.

In Nomec, theoretical work is fully embraced but made easy through well planned excursions of relevance and educational benefits.  Each section has separate timing for their excursions.  It is eagerly anticipated for, because of the field trips and what it entails.  Management, teachers and students are involved.

These excursions take us within the state, outside the state, culminating into our local and international tours.  This is a separate unique and affordable tours that takes students/pupils outside.  The tours expose our students and pupils outside.  The tours expose our students and pupils to places of historical importance.  The students and pupils have the opportunity of seeing countries, sites, cities and monuments they read from books and these in turn broaden their academic and intellectual horizon.  The cultural norms and values of the diverse heterogeneous people of diverse communities, towns and countries are also being made known.  Just to mention a few of the places our students have visited, Canada, U.S, London, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Togo, Ghana.

Examples  of places visited DURING SOME OF our local tours include:

  • Ikogosi Water Confluence
  • Game Reserves
  • Ajakuta Steel
  • And More…..



NOMEC Cultural Day is an event which comes up every 2 years that celebrates and showcases the rich cultural diversity of our students through song, dance, spoken word, and other forms of performance are.  NOMEC has its students from all states in Nigeria and a showcase of our beautiful cultural diversity has been all the years deemed as important and a wise idea.  This has been seen to have exposed children to knowledge of whatever culture he or she belongs to the number of cultures in Nigeria, where the varying cultures differ, and their similarities amongst other features. Students are encouraged to learn and speak local dialets in drama, poetry and recitation but general communication is purely in English


Regular inter-school sports competitions highlights the significance of sports events at NOMEC. Sports offer students opportunities for not only fitness and enjoyment but also character development as well as life and moral values. Sports, thus, are crucial component of education beside the other events such as art festivals and leadership training programs.

To begin with, sports play a critical role in the holistic education which aims to establish and strengthen the links between physical activities and other academic performances. Regular indulging in sports helps in keeping one’s immune system strong, thus, reducing the possibility of contracting certain type of illnesses. Besides that, frequent exercises during training keep one in a good shape by strengthening and toning muscles and bones in the body.

Importantly, youths pick up a great deal of moral values through sports and sportsmanship. First and foremost, students learn to obey the rules and regulations of the games they play as well as to respect coaches, instructors, teammates and even the opponents. In most of the inter-school matches in Singapore, both teams shake hands and encourage each others before and after the matches no matter who won or who lost; moreover, the morality in sports lies in the idea of fairness. Students are also taught at NOMEC never to pursue victory at the expense of breaking rules or injuring others.




Nomec is a Christian school which holds in high esteem the tenets of Christian faith not in words only but in deeds.  We have the academic and non academic staff fellowship.  The non-academic staff fellowship holds separately.  Similarly, the academic staff fellowship, not affecting the school’s academic proceedings.  The school is blessed with esteem (16) pastors by training who are also academic staff.  The moral/discipline amongst the staff is remarkable.  The constant fellowship helps build unity, teamwork and an effective and viable environment for the staff to pursue and actualize the school’s vision and mission.


As a Christian school we annually have a corporate thanksgiving at the end of every year, giving thanks to God for His faithfulness.  Following suit is the Nine Lessons and Carol event, marking the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Prayers has given us breakthroughs and out-standing testimonies.  The fellowship is open to all members of staff irrespective of their religion,  discrimination is far from us.  This has endeared pupils and students, staff from other religion to be part of the system.  Psalm 24:1 (The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof).6