Merfrey Foundation

According to Anheier et al (200) “Global Civil Society” what we all know as Non-Governmental Organisation(s) (NGO) today came into existence as far back as 1839 and it was estimated that as at 914, there were already one thousand and eighty-three (1083) Non-Governmental organizations (NGOS).


The phrase; Non-Governmental organization (NGO) came into use with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 with provisions in Article 71 of chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter.


Definitions:  The World Bank defines a non-governmental organization as an entity which is not part of a government and which is not founded by states; they are typically independent of governments, mainly social, cultural, legal, environmental, advocacy group, etc. with goals that are primarily non-commercial.  In workability, NGO are made up of specialist in various fields who are either volunteers or permanent members of the organizations.  They engage in altruistic activities intended to promote the good or improve human quality of life.  This is done by NGOs on behalf of others or for a particular cause, without payment for their time or services.


The crux of every NGO aims and objectives includes but not limited to the following aspects of human endeavors:

  1. Well being of a people
  2. Self reliance amongst individuals
  3. Improving the health of a people
  4. Environmental management in specific areas
  5. Environmental monitoring in specific areas
  6. Orienting/shaping a peoples perception positively
  7. Skill’s acquisition.


Nevertheless, it is worthy to note that as the above aims and objectives are being discharged by any NGO, the need to epitomize the universal human values, expressed through local and global citizenship – empathy and compassion, respect for individuals groups and communities, social justice and equity for all, economic, environmental and above all, a belief that the organization can make a difference in her cause should be the propelling force.  These are some of the core values that are held sacrosanct at Merfrey foundation.


Though formally registered last year, Merfrey foundation has been in existence for over two decades, championing humanitarian courses, bridging the gap between the haves and have nots,” educating her immediate and distant neighborhoods in:

  • How to restore dignity to the abused, less privileged and those considered to be societal misfits,
  • Improving on personal hygiene/health care especially on rural dwellers,
  • Re-shaping the general perception/beliefs that exhalts a particular sex above the other,
  • Skills acquisition of various categories as well as treating in seminars, the psychological and emotional imbalances that give way to; stealing, cheating and incessant aggression.  Special emphasis are also placed on the elderly and the widows.

At Merfrey foundation, seminars/sensitization programmes are held four times in a year (i.e one programme in every three months).  We believe strongly in the family and according to a renowned writer” A stream that forgets its source will one day run dry”. Based on the above, we organize seminars/ sensitization programmes on family issues bothering on: Rights, duties, obligations and limitations of family members, how to boost mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship without conflicts, vice-versa.


Merfrey Activities


Dousing/eliminating the perceived fears “entertained by young mothers before/during parenting, x-raying certain issues that pertains menoparuse and how to handle same, educating the aged to do so gracefully by being conscious and deliberate of what they eat, wear and involve in on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the foundation involves in seminars and work shops for female within the age bracket thirteen (13) years above on issues about themselves their communities and the world at large.


The skill acquisition centre of the foundation engages individuals in fashion, designing, catering, craft work, beads making, etc. in line with the 21st century/Nigeria trans formative move.



The media unit train individuals in the mastery of camera handling/recording of events with certificates awarded to participants at the end of the training.

In line with the globalization trend, the foundation periodically training female to be computer literates so as to be relevant to the contemporary society.  In an era where technicians are in death need, the foundation has taken it upon itself to train individuals in the mastery of technical occupations like; carpentery, metal forging, etc.

Merfrey foundation fives out soft loans to widows for small scale businesses; thereby uplifting and giving them absolute sense of belonging.  Indigent and vary intelligent students are offered scholarship by the foundation, to motivate others in the line of education.

The physically challenged are also empowered by the foundation based on their assessed needs.  At regular intervals, we move out of our immediate neighborhood to take our charity programmes elsewhere.  One of such moves saw us involving in a rescue mission to flood victims of Illushi and some orphanage homes in that environs; via food and other donations.  In the event of emergency, the foundation renders medical/first aid services via the Red Cross.


In producing films, the foundation employs cast and crew members as well as actors and actresses who in most cases end up being workers in the foundation.  This the foundation does at regular intervals to contribute her quota to the reduction of unemployment.


The foundation regularly counsels and educates the immediate environment and the society at large via her regular seminars, workshops and symposium programmes.  Merfrey Foundation is also involved in community based projects such as sinking of bore holes in rural areas for the provision of water as well as providing cassava milling machines to make life better for the rural dwellers.


Merfrey Foundation does not operate in isolation.  We communicate and research with local, national and international bodies, for updates in trends that demands our presence/intervention within and outside our localities.