NOMEC British Academy

Leadership: This section is actively endow with resourceful, potential, inspiring and facilitator, discipline, humid and God-fearing educators.

This elementary and pre-basic section has adopted The British curriculum; hence the name: NOMEC British Academy. Our mission:’ to provide an environment in which each pupil is assisted to discover his or her academy potentials in studies, sport, and personal development. NOMEC British Academy has a unique ethos of excellence that permeates all aspects of school life, making the experience of Learning holistic as pupils always have access to support and care.


This citadel of great future is propelled in a sound moral basic education inculcated into a child through adroit learning teaching and practice in serene and co-ordinate environment technological facilities are put into adequate utility for the child developmental well-being prior to the yearning of our pupils’ prospective pupils and parents.  We adopt an integrated method of teaching which includes the regular method of teaching and the Montessori methods such as practical life and sensorial which has given our pupils an edge over their equals and enable the pupils to cope with the present needs of educational system and makes them to be independent in their daily activities.

Nomec regular basic section standout nationally and internationally for great tutelage through scientific education system of learning according to the directive of the Ministry of Education.  We offer subjects that inspire the human mind developmental interest from science, creative art subjects (General subjects) and technical studies.

Pre-basic section of Nomec by the grace of God has a total population of over 250 pupils.  This progressive phenomenon can be solely attributed to the mercies of God for by strength shall no man prevail.  Our class size is standard and adequate for proper learning as we have fifteen to twenty pupils in a class and two qualified teachers assigned to a class in the lower pre-basic classes.

Facilities:  Our classrooms are spacious well ventilated and lightened with adequate number of chairs and tables which are child size.  We have standard instructional materials used by teachers to make learning more interesting and real.  We have unique play ground, well equipped with play facilities suitable for the children’s age.  Our pupils go to the play ground thrice a week where they are allowed to exploit their environment under the supervision of their teachers. Oftentimes, the pupils take a walk round the school this is necessary because they get to know their various sections and facilities in the school.

Daycare: As an extension of the pre-basic school we have safe and standard crèche for babies between ages 3 months to 1 year.  We have qualified, experienced, God-fearing and baby friendly women who take care of the babies.  The crèche is well staffed and their shift is arranged in a very suitable way that the care givers are not over stressed.  This allows them to put in their best in caring for the babies.  A Saturday service has also been introduced to provide service for mothers who may have the need to keep their babies in the crèche on weekends.

We do not render just care but we introduce pre-basic learning through audio and audio-visual aids and scribbling; preparing the babies for reading and writing.