The place of education in national building can not be overemphasized. Its role in national development is played and goal achieved mainly through the acquisition of intellectual and manipulative skills. Every parent who wish to apply for admission for his/her child should have these few steps at the finger tips:

  1. Visit the school for the purchase of admission forms which costs N3000.00 only. (see our contact page for address and telephone)
  2. Intending pupil/student shall sit for an exam prior to admission issuance.
  3. Good performances attracts an admission letter from the school (get more from our Eligibility page).

The above listed steps are general steps layed out for pupils, parents and students who wishes to identify with whichever of our five school sections. NOMEC is and will always be the dream  of  every parent for her child and to this effect, we welcome applications from suitable candidates for exams and consequent admissions and we showcase the modalities  for admissions which include eligibility, our modes of payment/fee schedule.


Admission is based on the ability of the candidates to meet the cut-off marks in the entrance examination and interview. The common entrance is open for candidates within and outside Nigeria.

Below are download links to forms obtainable as regards NOMEC admission processes especially for parents/guardians who might not be within reach to the school immediately or in diaspora:

  1. Entrance Examination Form
  2. Elementary School Admission Form
  3. Medical Examination Form
  4. Online Registration Form

You are expected to download, print, fill the forms and scan back  to the school’s mailbox. See our contact page

The main entrance examination is conducted each year and subsequently, supplementary entrance examinations may be conducted as determined by management. Designated Centers throughout Nigeria, like Warri, Port-Harcout, Benin, are used as venues for the examination. Candidates who are successful are informed accordingly with all necessary materials and information termed “Admission Pack”.

Pupils from kindergarten(2 – 6 years) are eligible for admission into the Montessori program. Admission is open to Nigerians within and outside the country and to citizens of other countries especially those whose parents have decided to reside in Nigeria. There are two options for eligible intending pupils and students outside Nigeria thus:

  • Make a call Now with the phone numbers displayed on the contact page OR
  • Fill out the Contact form on the contact page; stating details of your request.

In all, NOMEC offers admission to pupils/students who were  able to scale through with the  test/exam with at least a 50 percent. I situations whereby a pupil/student couldn’t make the cut-off average, NOMEC also offers hope. We do not just drive the child away but offer great hope for both the child and his/her parents. We offer therefore two options thus:

  • The child is accessed and admitted to a class below his intended class OR
  • The child is set aside for a few months training/upgrade for an attainment of a level to be considered eligible for his intended class by the school management.


At NOMEC, parents are sure beyond reasonable doubts and many have testified that any fee paid for a child is an investment which is worth the while and expects a 100 percent return on investment (ROI). All payments are so calculated and tailored to suit your finances with a 101 percent assurance that your child shall not lack academically.

NOMEC has about five  school sections with the Montessori academy and boarding schools, inclusive. These school sections succinctly put, have their peculiar requirement and should be satisfied for an enabling academic environment. When a child is offered admission into any of the school sections of choice, the parent is also given the prospectus for that school sections with the fee schedule inclusive. These are issued in the administrative offices at NOMEC and all payments are made to the bank account(specified).