Our Facilities Range From

  • Spacious classrooms, well ventilated for academic purpose.
  • Modern Science Laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Home Economics with well qualified teachers
  • 24 hours Internet/Computer Service and lessons
  • A fully stocked modern library to enhance research
  • A playground where children exhibit their psychomotor skills and inculcate the spirit of co-operation.
  • A Montessori school available for Nursery and Primary in a prepared environment
  • Separate boarding for boys and girls aged 3-18
  • Health Centre
  • 3 years scholarship for the best student in the school’s entrance to JSS 1 or Basic 7 Class.
  • 2 boreholes to provide 24 hours water supply for student’s use and a standby generating plant.
  • Tours (Local and International)



Good Health is Wealth, so healthy living is partly based on a balanced meal; hence, NOMEC is particularly keen on serving our boarders with a balanced diet. We have well trained nutritionist who prepared and plans the menu ensuring that it is eventually carried out according to specification.  Our cooks are trained, well experienced, and physically fit.  A committee is set up for the purpose of inspecting and tasting the food prepared to ensure that the specified standard is met.

Our kitchen has adequate space, neat with modern kitchen facilities to aid easy cooking and of course hygienic process is highly maintained.  We have special provisions for students who are on special diet based on health ground.  We have well defined programmes on a daily basis to keep the students physically, mentally, morally and spiritually fit.

A view of Nomec Boarding Facility

Prep is not left solely for the students, but well supervised by selected teachers.  The hostel facilities is specifically provided for students comfort.  The hostel personnel are residents in the school premises.  God-fearing dedicated and great disciplinarians.  The boarders within lecture hours (recreation time) are given snacks and fruit juice.  There is a standard shopping complex to meet students and staff needs.

The visiting day is for parents and guardians to have time with their wards under the strict supervision of hostel personnel.




NOMEC is particularly keen on serving our boarders with balanced diet. The quality of any food can be measured by the nutritional value it contain hence our aim is to ensure that our boarders are served with health sustaining meals. The cooks are properly trained and retrained to serve our purpose.



Also selected members of staff are made to take the same food that the student take and their observations are put to consideration for subsequent adjustment. NOMEC does not allow food vendor to bring in cooked food to sell to students instead a canteen is made available for day students. The food prepared here is prepared under strict supervision, as we do not compromise on neat and hygienic environment.








The school operates a 24hr health centre to manage students’ health. This centre is well stocked with drugs. There are resident nurses and doctors at the centre. Cases of emergency that needs special medical attention are taken to the hospital attached to the school.








We have a well equipped physics, chemistry, biology and home economics laboratory.  The centre has a unique concept of the laboratory; It is based on the age–child development axiom “What I have heard, I may forget, what I have seen, I may  remember, but what I have done, I have learnt”.




Therefore, no cost is spared in equipping the science and other laboratories of the centre.  As the workings of the world become more dependent on technology, the place of science practical in our educational development daily becomes more important.  It is part of the dream of Nosakhare Model Education Centre to leave a legacy of state of the arts laboratories equipment, consumables and methods to this part of Africa and the world at large.







NOMEC recognizes that this is the age of information technology.  At the heart of information technology, is the computer.  Hence, at the center, computer literacy studies is compulsory for all students.  The centre has a modern computer laboratory stocked with functional computers and connected to the internet.






What is education without books?  It is even like a river without water.  At the centre, the content of any school’s library is more important than the outward dazzle of physical structures.  Students are guided, groomed and encouraged to cultivate good reading habit.  The library is well stocked with various books and materials to satisfy the appetite of curious minds of students and teachers, who are keen on acquiring information on academics, religion, technology, and world current affairs.  It is managed by a competent librarian.  The shelves are stocked on yearly basis with relevant materials.



We engage our students in regular sports activities as part of our extracurricular activities.  The centre believes in the importance of sports.  This issues bordering sporting activities are emphasized to help build up students physically; this makes them to be healthily alert and ready for rigorous academic exercise.  To the end, an annual inter-house sports competition is organized for the students.  Also, weekly sporting activities are organized routinely.  NOMEC has coaches in different events to help train students in sports of their choices.  Some of these events are football high jump, shot put, javelin, hand ball, basket ball, hockey, volley ball, 100m-1500m race, long jump, e.t.c

Sports, thus are crucial component of education beside the other events such as art festivals and leadership training programs, to begin with sports play a critical role in the holistic education which aims to establish and strengthen the links between physical activities and other academic performances.  Regular indulging in sports helps in keeping one’s immune system strong, thus reducing the possibility of contracting certain type of illnesses.  Besides that, frequent exercises during training keep one in a good shape by strengthening, toning muscles and bones in the body.

At Nosakhare Model Education Centre, exercise program is part of the school curriculum. The school has a general program for students and the staff every friday at the school’s sports field.

The program is called Aerobic Exercise. It is a fitness program that helps both the staff and students to stay healthy and fit for their school work. AT NOMEC, WE SAY LIFE IS GOOD, BUT EXERCISE MAKES IT BETTER.


Importantly, youths pick up a great deal of moral values through sports and sportsmanship.  First and foremost, students learn to obey the rules and regulations of the games they play as well as to respect coaches, instructors, teammates and even the opponents.  In most of the inter-school matches in Singapore, both teams shake hands and encourage each others before and after the matches no matter who won or who lost.  Moreover, the morality in sports lies in the idea of fairness.  Students are also taught at NOMEC never to pursue victory at the expense of breaking rules or injuring others.  Aerobic exercise.  It is a fitness program that helps both the staff and students to stay healthy and fit for daily living.



NOMEC offers an opportunity for students to be equipped for the future.  Apart from teaching the child, theoretically and practically. NOMEC incorporates a special scheme of discovering whatever talent a child has.  This discovery is a step forward for that child because we go ahead to train the child according to what his talents spells out.

NTTC (4)



This is geared towards bringing hope and encouragement to the children who are gifted but do not know how to go about developing themselves due to certain limitations like finances etc.  At our skill acquisition centre, we have obtained certain scientific breakthroughs especially in the aspect of new creations/productions of useful household and industrial gadgets like iron fabrication, tapeline, fish ponds etc, and just recently, our students were able to manufacture a security alert cage for dogs.




Its objectives remain:

  1. To expose the students to the basic technological principles and skills that will assist them in solving their technological  problems in the future e.g our student should be able to service their personal car and handle some minor house wiring even while they are not engineers yet.
  2. To enable the students discover their technological potentials early enough, hence enabling them and helping them with adequate preparation for challenges ahead.
  3. To teach the students how to handle, use and maintain common technical tools.
  4. To contribute to the technological development of our nation.
  5. Self-reliance and Development

Examples of technological milestones achieved by NOMEC technical Training Centre can be found from the follwing categories:

  • Construction
  • Metal Work
  • Wood Work
  • And More….