Montessori Academy

Generally, the central focus of Montessori method of learning is the creation of interest and appropriate environment for the learners to bring out their individual inner creative instinct to transform potentials into practical abilities and skills development, for this cause, the Montessori Academy of Nosakhare Model Education Centre is a very noble institution and a shining example in Nigeria.

The academy is unique because it has been able to develop a good blend of the European and Nigeria styles of education, such that pupils coming from Europe and the America finds it relatively and satisfactorily easy to continue their studies no matter the language background they are coming from. In addition to this unique feature, the affordability of the service gladden the hearts of parents/guardians or sponsors of our pupils. Multitude of parents/guardians have attested to these facts over the years, and we too are glad. The brightest pupil have enjoyed and still enjoying unconditional scholarship or significant waiver in cost for their studies in the academy.

Due to the use of Montessori materials on daily basis, the Montessori approach provides avenue for intelligent pupils to learn at a much faster rate which leads to double promotion at the end of an academic year and also provides a lot of assistance to slow learners who cannot catch up with the orthodox methods. We offer five main subjects which are the Montessori curriculum thus; language, mathematics, practical life, sensorial culture and also prescribed by the ministry of Education. In order for the pupils to improve in their performance through the highly individualized and practical oriented method of learning which provides opportunities for children to become independent of their abilities thus enhancing their self-esteem and keeping them happy all through the school year.